Super Cup Goals And Highlights

All Super Cup goals and highlights:

Ath. Bilbao vs Real Madrid 2:0   16/01/2022 @18:30(CET)   Super CupSpain



Atletico Madrid vs Ath. Bilbao 1:2   13/01/2022 @19:00(CET)   Super CupSpain


Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2:3   12/01/2022 @19:00(CET)   Super CupSpain


Barcelona vs Ath. Bilbao 2:3   17/01/2021 @20:00(CET)   Super CupSpain


Real Madrid vs Ath. Bilbao 1:2   14/01/2021 @20:00(CET)   Super CupSpain


Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid 1:0   12/01/2020 @18:00(CET)   Super CupSpain


Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid 2:3   09/01/2020 @19:00(CET)   Super CupSpain


Valencia vs Real Madrid 1:3   08/01/2020 @19:00(CET)   Super CupSpain