Newell's Old Boys Goals And Highlights

All Newell's Old Boys goals and highlights:

Newell's Old Boys vs Atletico GO 1:1   25/05/2021 @23:15(CET)   Copa SudamericanaInternational


Newell's Old Boys vs Palestino 3:1   20/05/2021 @23:15(CET)   Copa SudamericanaInternational


Libertad vs Newell's Old Boys 1:0   14/05/2021 @01:30(CET)   Copa SudamericanaInternational


Palestino vs Newell's Old Boys 0:1   05/05/2021 @03:00(CET)   Copa SudamericanaInternational


Newell's Old Boys vs Libertad 1:3   30/04/2021 @01:30(CET)   Copa SudamericanaInternational


Atletico GO vs Newell's Old Boys 0:0   20/04/2021 @23:15(CET)   Copa SudamericanaInternational


Talleres Cordoba vs Newell's Old Boys 3:1   31/10/2020 @00:15(CET)Argentina


Central Cordoba vs Newell's Old Boys 1:2   16/03/2020 @01:00(CET)Argentina


Newell's Old Boys vs Godoy Cruz 0:2   09/03/2020 @00:45(CET)   Argentinian SuperligaArgentina


Newell's Old Boys vs Colon Santa Fe 4:0   23/02/2020 @00:45(CET)   Argentinian SuperligaArgentina


Lanus vs Newell's Old Boys 1:1   16/02/2020 @22:40(CET)   Argentinian SuperligaArgentina


Newell's Old Boys vs Estudiantes L.P. 0:0   08/02/2020 @22:45(CET)   Argentinian SuperligaArgentina


Newell's Old Boys vs San Lorenzo 1:0   04/02/2020 @00:10(CET)   Argentinian SuperligaArgentina


Arsenal Sarandi vs Newell's Old Boys 1:1   25/01/2020 @20:35(CET)   Argentinian SuperligaArgentina