AS Roma Goals And Highlights

All AS Roma goals and highlights:

Juventus vs AS Roma 3:1   22/01/2020 @19:45(CET)   Italian Cup Coppa ItaliaItaly


Genoa vs AS Roma 1:3   19/01/2020 @17:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


Parma vs AS Roma 0:2   16/01/2020 @20:15(CET)   Italian Cup Coppa ItaliaItaly


AS Roma vs Juventus 1:2   12/01/2020 @19:45(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


AS Roma vs Torino 0:2   05/01/2020 @19:45(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


Fiorentina vs AS Roma 1:4   20/12/2019 @19:45(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


AS Roma vs Spal 3:1   15/12/2019 @17:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


AS Roma vs AC Wolfsberger 2:2   12/12/2019 @20:00(CET)   Uefa Europa LeagueInternational


Inter vs AS Roma 0:0   06/12/2019 @19:45(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


Helas Verona vs AS Roma 1:3   01/12/2019 @19:45(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


Basaksehir vs AS Roma 0:3   28/11/2019 @17:55(CET)   Uefa Europa LeagueInternational


AS Roma vs Brescia 3:0   24/11/2019 @14:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


Parma vs AS Roma 2:0   10/11/2019 @17:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


Borussia Moenchengladbach vs AS Roma 2:1   07/11/2019 @20:00(CET)   Uefa Europa LeagueInternational


AS Roma vs Napoli 2:1   02/11/2019 @14:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


Udinese vs AS Roma 0:4   30/10/2019 @20:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


AS Roma vs AC Milan 2:1   27/10/2019 @17:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


AS Roma vs Borussia Moenchengladbach 1:1   24/10/2019 @17:55(CET)   Uefa Europa LeagueInternational


Sampdoria vs AS Roma 0:0   20/10/2019 @14:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


AS Roma vs Cagliari 1:1   06/10/2019 @14:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


AC Wolfsberger vs AS Roma 0:1   03/10/2019 @17:55(CET)   Uefa Europa LeagueInternational


Lecce vs AS Roma 0:1   29/09/2019 @14:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


AS Roma vs Atalanta 0:2   25/09/2019 @18:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


Bologna vs AS Roma 1:1   22/09/2019 @14:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


AS Roma vs Basaksehir 3:0   19/09/2019 @20:00(CET)   Uefa Europa LeagueInternational


AS Roma vs Sassuolo 4:2   15/09/2019 @17:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


Lazio vs AS Roma 1:1   01/09/2019 @17:00(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


AS Roma vs Genoa 3:3   25/08/2019 @19:45(CET)   Italian Serie AItaly


Arezzo vs AS Roma 1:3   17/08/2019 @18:30(CET)International


AS Roma vs Real Madrid 5:4   11/08/2019 @19:00(CET)International

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